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>> you are watching note al- jazeera lyders from doha. a surging rescuers. thousands of cambodians for a general fabricate -- fit for a king. >> video makers come under fire linking gamers and guns. we begin in iraq where hundreds of thousands of protesters are taking to the street. they say they have been marginalized by the government. there is not equal representation for sunnis.
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the of beefed up security for several cities but so far the protests have been peaceful. we have been bolling the protests and we have a live update from near fallujah. they said they're going to contain this protest but that does not seem to be working. >> a short while ago, this was absolutely covered with people. there were worshipers, protesters, if. who would,-- people who would come and convert. they held friday prayer services year. the message was loud and clear. is the biggest protest here since the war. as well as other demonstrations in other suny areas around the country. what they are calling for is essentially an end to what this
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is discrimination against the sunni community. thrown in jail, no lawyer allowance, a lack of security. they do not feel a part of the country and they want that to change. >> of the beginning of this problem, if there is a beginning, he had some very strong words for the protesters. is the strategy changing at all right now? >> it has softened a little bit. they said what they normally say, these were not real protesters, that it was essentially all qaeda driving this. it was foreign intelligence services from neighboring countries. all you need to do is come down here and talk to these people and you understand what they are upset about. almost every young man here has been in jail or had a relative in jail. there are very few jobs here.
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this was a city that was essentially destroyed just a few years ago. dr. the american forces left, the community thought things would be different. they say it is not different and all and that the shia-led government is considering the same discriminatory policies. they have held out an olive branch saying they will release some prisoners, but nothing that will end the seamless protests that will probably continue for weeks on end. >> thank you, jane, reporting from near fallujah. rescue teams are working around the clock trying to find survivors. 25 people were killed in the blast which tore through the office of the state-run oil company. it is the one known what caused the explosion. from mexico city, we report. >> the explosion ripped through the lower floors at the company
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headquarters. it happened on the ground floor next to the iconic 52-story skyscraper and damaged two more floors. hours after, the mexican president went to go visit the site. >> i do not have a conclusive report on what happened so i insist we do not speculate. let's no the results of the investigation. -- let's know teh results. >> those of a rescue workers here rushed in carrying axes, dogs, and structures hoping to capture anyone who may be under the rubble. they are the fourth largest creator of crude. the state oil company is vital for the country because of profits paid for about one-third of all government programs.
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one employee was looking for her son who also worked at the oil company headquarters. >> he told me he was going to stay late because he still had more to direct the office. >> the members and were colleagues are struggling to make sense of their loss and investigators will be looking to understand what happened here. al-jazeera, mexico city. >> opposition groups are calling for more protests are on friday in response to last week's riots in port sayed. many fear that the violence could return, too. >> the anger and the uproar is aimed at the egyptian leader himself. >> president morsi was calling on president bush charged to stop the bloodshed in syria. he should concentrate on stopping the bloodshed here in
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egypt first. >> he has imposed an emergency law and curfew after more than a 40 people were killed in street fights with security forces last week. it caused widespread indignation in a city that prides itself on a long history of resistance. >> the emergency law puts the whole city in prison. even the british occupation did not impose a curfew on us. no one knows how things will go. you cannot impose a mass punishment on an entire city. >> the curfew was all but ignored. thousands of people went down to the streets calling on the president to resign while the army stood by. since the violence, the police seem to have evaporated from the streets. the presence of the army has broadcom, but the road -- the mood remains the same. wherever you go, people say in
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memory of those who died and in solidarity of the 21 who were beaten to death. is this the sparked the violence. they were found guilty of involvement in the riots that killed 74 people last year. port sayed has come to a standstill. >> it is gone. it has lost its soul. it's dying. the only people driving or the grave diggers. every day, we bury someone. >> president morsi is trying to impose his authority. war violence and killings. with each death, opposition to grow stronger. >> at least 19 people killed by a bomb blast in northwest pakistan near the border with
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afghanistan. no one has claimed as one's ability. at least five people have been killed opera explosion destroyed a bridge in central china. the blast was caused by a truck carrying fireworks for the chinese new year celebrations. the vehicle plunged 30 meters to the ground and 11 people were injured. thousands of cambodians are giving the final farewell to the former monarch, norodom sihanouk. the funeral procession was fit for a king. >> they came from all over cambodia in the hundreds of thousands. all to pay their last respects to king norodom sihanouk. this is a buddhist tradition for morning. as his body left the royal palace, there was a 121-gun
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salute. a procession of people and his body was taken through the streets of pnom penh. he lost a war when they took over in the 1970's. he sees the king as a hero and his death, the greatest loss to the country. for most cambodians, this is it. in last chance to say goodbye to their king known as the charismatic and controversial. regardless of opinion, cambodians are now taking pause to look back at the last six decades. as king, he led the country from france and his role in cambodia is woven into the post-colonial history. >> it is on the same level as the national flag. he is that big of a symbol for the country. >> after the procession, they're
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looking ahead. >> i'm not concerned for the future. the father of cambodia already set that out before he died. >> his that is the end of the era. this is a future that is likely to mean less politics at the palace. al-jazeera, pnom penh. >> he will visit timbuktu on friday recently captured by french forces. they have already called the intervention a success. from timbuktu, many fear the threat of revenge attacks. >> he cannot believe his eyes. the looters have taken everything in timbuktu, even the
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shells of the walls. he is luckier than many. he saw this coming in and brought most of the stock to his home for safekeeping. for the past week from he has been lying low with his wife and their two small daughters. his parents left the and so did his brothers, but he did not know where to run. >> we do not have a problem with anyone. we are waiting for such a time. we're waiting for the situation to improve. we do not hear the sound of canon's anymore. >> he is just one big some of the indiscriminate attacks that have been taking place against the arabs in timbuktu. there are working with the rubble to control the city. with the distrust between the arabs in the black population, it is deep-rooted. it does back to the time to when
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arabs kept black slaves. this does provide some kind of explanation for the in fighting of. there is no question of lying low as far as this man is concerned. he is a respected member of the community and it makes no difference that he is arab. but'm not afraid of anyone god. no one has ever done me any harm. timbuktu is my town. i was born here. my father was born here. >> it is black neighbors treat him as though he is a member of the family. the moment he leaves as house, there is a friendly greeting. i>> he is our grandfather. he has a man of peace and has nothing to do with those jihadists. >> the test of the mali government as they retake the
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north will be how they treat the arab citizens. al-jazeera, timbuktu. >> one of the seven wonders of the world but it could soon become endangered. quite the great barrier reef in australia is under threat. a whale of a discovery for a british beach comber. how he struck it rich. >> strong wind and heavy rain across europe right now. looking at the satellite, clouds here moving in from the atlantic giving some fairly heavy downpours in england, northern brands, and northern spain.
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the wind is going to spring around and in the u.k., it will be coming down from the north. for many of us in the u.k., it's going to be a very cold they are saturday. 5 degrees is the maximum and there will be a buy it to the wind. the weather system making its way east. lots of snow on the northern edge, so winter weather all the way to throukraine. this will be making its way into the northern part of africa. algiers will be seeing a fair amount of what weather. the maximum temperature and their -- there will be 16. tunis, up around 21. tunis, up around 21.
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>> welcome back. let's recap the headlines. the victims of an explosion in the capital of mexico city. it happened at the headquarters of the state-wrong oil company. hundreds of thousands of protesters have been rallying against the rebels in iraq. demonstrators say they want people representation for sunnis and justice for their relatives being held without charge. a lavish funeral procession as being held in the cambodian capital. the king was 90 years old when he died in october. hillary clinton has made her final public appearance as the u.s. secretary of state. she highlighted the global challenges of the next four years and hinted at what she will do when she leaves office. >> madame secretary. >> after 1 million kilometers, one under 12 countries, her last public event reflected on four
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years of change. -- 112 countries. >> more countries than ever have a voice in the global debate. what paths to power are opening up as nations gain and flustered the strength of their economies rather than military. -- gain influence and strength. this is influencing non-state actors like terrorist networks. >> the u.s. was engaged in two wars in iraq and afghanistan. the troops are out of by iraq and the afghanistan pullback has begun. she says if there is an obama- clinton doctrine, it is about building alliances and finding partners. >> we have to be smart about how we use our power. not because we have less of it. indeed, the might of our military, the size of our economy, the influence upon diplomacy remained unrivaled.
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it is because since, as the world has changed, so, too, have the levers of power to shape international affairs. >> an indication of where she will be focusing your efforts in 2016. >> if women and girls everywhere were treated as equals to man, we would see political and economic progress everywhere. >> thank you, secretary of state, for everything. >> she will think her staff and then hand over her office to john kerry. we will see it does it will mark a change in the u.s.'s approach to the rest of the world. >> air pollution reaching dangerous levels in new delhi. they say it is more polluted than beijing. it was smothered l.a. smog for most of january cause and delayed flights and even road
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accidents. they said the pollution is caused by a vehicle emissions. >> this is the second bout of small. the days of visibility reduced to 15 meters -- second bout of smog. this is an ongoing problem the capital has. it's a combination of pollutants in the air and a low weather system. it comes from a variety of sources, farmers in the north culling their fields for the next season implanting but also the major guilty party, cars burning diesel fuel. 60% of what we are seeing is coming the cars and industries surrounding the capital of the core of delhi. weather forecasters are hoping
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the rain that will ride over the week and will get rid of the smog and bring the situation back to normal. >> one of eight candidates running for the presidency was shot in the shoulder but is expected to make a full recovery ahead of elections later this month. >> this is an act against the state. it is an act against our president. i want to condemn this crime and hope it will be solved. >> u.s. president barack obama's choice for secretary of defense is facing tough questions. chuck hagel was asked to defend his views on iran and israel. the toughest questions came from members of his own party. >> were you correct or incorrect. said the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? yes or no?
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the question is where you right or wrong. that's a pretty straightforward question. >> well -- >> were you right or wrong? the elaborate. >> i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> then let the record shows he refused to answer the question. >> if you will like me to explain -- >> i would actually like an answer, yes or no. >> i think it's far more complicated than that. my answer as i will defer the judgment of history. >> was will is investigating. a student with a gun made it possible for detectives to go in and shoot a fellow classmate. police surrounded the school in atlanta after a 14-year-old student was shot in the neck. three people were arrested.
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barack obama, for more research into violent video games as a part new measures aimed at curbing violence. they have yet to prove a link between games and real-world violence, but as we discover there are stronger ties between the industry and guns. >> video games that let you play the role of the gunmen are among the most popular and most violent. call of duty features soldiers and mercenaries to choose from a range of authentic weaponry. this veteran game reviewer has played them all. >> this is from the medal of honor site. they have a partners page with a different list of real gun manufacturers and companies that make gun accessories. >> he was shocked to find direct links on a web site for the game, medal of honor.
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entertainment arts to the links down after smith wrote about them. >> the fact that you could just get there in a few clicks go right to the real guns. the fact that it is it easy. >> his nephew is just 13. he collects -- lethal but realistic looking guns based on a weapons in his favorite games. >> is really heavy. that's amazing. >> there is a little magazine rallies. >> his grandfather bought him the guns and the games. >> he had a friend who got the modern warfare game before we did and we thought their parents were strict. we said you're going to play at your friend's house, you might as well have a copy. >> there is no law to prevent gun manufacturers from advertising in these games not to be sold to anyone under 18
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without parental approval. >> there particularly popular among young men who are hard to reach in traditional media. >> a video game sellers and makers are quick to point out there is no conclusive evidence linking video games and violence, but president obama is calling for more research after recent mass shootings involving gunmen known to play the games. he was recently suspended to school for bringing in a pellet gun. he said he took it home from his grandfather's and forgot it was in his backpack. he says dean knows the difference between a gay man reality. the ammunition is kept locked up while he remains free to play. al-jazeera, springfield, ill. >> the government has a judge
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saying they should stop cloacking the cases from guantanamo. he was unaware they were being censored. >> he did not know that there was an outside entity controlling the courtroom. in this room, we can talk about the judge's right to control the courtroom. at the same time, he refused to enter questions about why that happened, who that was, and where they were. we all know the judge is supposed control the courtroom. but we also know is that we have no idea who has been in control. >> breaking news just coming in. according to reuters news agency, a report of an explosion in front of the u.s. embassy in ankara, capital of turkey. ambulances have been sent to the area. no confirmation yet and there
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are any casualties involved. no claiming responsibility. we will. the updates as soon as we get them. australia beefing up protection of the famous great barrier reef. they may downgrade the world heritage status. >> it is one of the natural wonders of the world, the great barrier reef, a world heritage site, home to 400 types of coral. over 1000 species of fish. this natural beauty is under threat. climate change, fishing, and the spread of destructive species of fish. the major threat coming from a driving coal industry. more and more traffics over increasing the risk of oil spills and the collision. the government is promising to stop any coal transporting to
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stop what they call on expectable damage. >> australia and the australian government has a clearer commitment to protecting it. people should be on notice. and does not matter whether you are a business, a mining company, or you are the premier of queensland. anyone who wants the government to cut corners on the great barrier reef will be sorely disappointed. >> it is one of the top export earner is in australia and they are planning a huge expansion projects including new ports and shipping for coal. >> we are here today to demonstrate against the continued failure of the australian government to prevent the production of coal exporters are along the great barrier reef. australia has submitted a report to ionesco that has failed to say that they will not be building new coal terminals
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around the world heritage area. >> attracts millions of dollars from tourism every year and environmental groups are calling on politicians to assess
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